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Coffee Morning Aultguish Inn Sat 27th May 11:00am-1pm

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Drop in to Aultguish Inn for a delicious cake and a good catch up. We would love to see you! There will be bracelet making, summer seeds, fun squid keyrings to make and freebies for the kids!

Relax and Join in the Craic

This will be our first Coffee Morning at Aultguish Inn and we are promised a selection of cakes, scones, tea, coffee and the wonderful welcome from the Aultguish team in the restaurant area.  So looking forward to it.

Please let the Aultguish team know in advance if you have any dietary requirements.

Can you offer someone a lift?  Some folk prefer to go along with someone to community events plus you can enjoy the company and share the fuel cost whilst doing your bit for the environment.  You might just make their day!

Aultguish Inn

Bracelet Making and Fun Squid Keyrings

bead bracelet  bead bracelet  bead bracelet

woollen craft squid keyring  woollen craft squid keyring​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Edible Flower Pots

All the borage and nasturtium seedlings have been sown or planted out, and are now growing away. Send us your photos!

plant plant plant

Seeds Available at the Coffee Morning
We have some annual cutting flower seeds to sow! These are easy to grow, either direct in the ground, in pots or in containers - maybe even community barrels. Asters, Cosmos and Cornflowers.

Plus there will be some fun,nature themed freebies for the kids!

egg box garden bug catcher spy toy nature activity packs​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

There is still time to sow sunflowers too, although if you are aiming to win the Sunflower Competition ideally you will have already done this. Send us your sunflower photo updates!

sunflower seedlings sunflowers plants​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Pictures of the plants have been coming in on the Green Leaves Growing Garve & District Group Photos to follow soon on  So looking forward to seeing all the vibrant pots of edible flowers blooming this summer at forming a display at the Summer Festival on 2nd September at Inchbae Lodge Inn. Perhaps some of you will bring your violas along too!


Something to be thinking about!
 If you have any old teacups. crockery, small ish bowls which can be re-used as interesting containers for violas, bring them along to the June coffee morning on 17th. We will have everything you need there to help get your Violas blooming this summer. 


We really love seeing children and all the generations in the community coming together. For safety reasons we do need an adult to be responsible for supervising children attending. 

Contact Morven here if you have any questions

Thanks to Lochluichart Community Trust for funding the Activate Garve & District Phase 3 enabling these events to go ahead and to the Aultguish team for accommodating our event.



Activate Garve & District Project


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