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Post in Community Development by Tina Hartley
Tina and Lucy, Community Engagement and Development Officers are planning some more meet and greet sessions.

Come and have a cuppa

Come and join us for a cuppa on Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 6pm, Garve Village Hall.

This is the first of some evening meet and greet sessions that we have planned and we hope to catch up with as many of you as possible.

Ask Us Anything

  • Do you have any questions about the jobs we have advertised - Company Secretary; DigiHub Facilitator and Children's Activities Facilitator?
  • We have some activities covered for young and older community members - what about those in the middle - any ideas what you want?

Community Development Plan

One of our priorities is to develop a plan for the future based on your vieiws and your vision.  To date we have captured information from talking one to one with you; email correspondence; comments from the on-line community hub; comments made directly to individual Board members and also comments fed back to us from other groups.

We have also:-

  • Developed a Community Padlet posted recently this received lots of posts!
  • Emailed you directly asking for input.
  • Sent a letter to those who do not access the internet asking for views.

Other ways to engage that we have planned:-

  • Develop a community event to support our AGM.  
  • Visit the Primary School to captue the voice of the children there.
  • During our one to one visits as part of our DigiHub Project, capture your thoughts.
  • During the children's activity sessions try to capture information - although we think this will not be possible as the sessions will just be far too exciting!

Look forward to seeing you on the 25th September, 6pm, Garve Village Hall for a cuppa, buscuits and a blether.


Questions & Comments

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Stuart Cunningham said:

Hi I don’t live in Garve, but you have lost your shop, albeit along time ago. And your post office? How about a shop/post/ Cafeteria run by Out of the Blue catering. In the village hall?

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Sadie-Michaela Harris said:

Tina, Lucy sorry I missed the notifications of this session;-  I must have missed ticking a box on signing up. Please feel free to add me if so. Do you have a propsed date for the next meet up in Garve village hall? Perhaps you will share the outcome of Tuesday's session on the site blog. Thanks for read Sadie

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