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Line Dancing Update

Post in Community Groups & Events by Morven MacDonald
We have 12 folk interested in attending a line dancing class locally. Unfortunately, the tutor is no longer available to offer a class in Garve & District. We will still try to find a tutor.

Line Dancing Tutor Needed

We will keep trying to find a tutor or the lovely tutor we had found, may be able to offer availability in the future in the longer term. If you know of anyone, please get in touch.

Thank you all for showing interest and responding. We now know there is enough interest to pursue this further and if we find a tutor that is willing to deliver the class, we can put on a few trial sessions.

If you are interested in line dancing classes in the future and have not yet shown your interest, you can still get in touch.

Email me directly here or contact us on hello@garve.org

Tell us:

1) Which of these venues you can attend:
Garve Public Hall, Achnasheen Village Hall or Contin Hall

2) Indicate all of the days and times you can attend:

3) If you have young children we may be able to look into options to keep them occupied whilst the adults dance. Get in touch if this is of interest to you.
Thank you 


Project Officer
Activate Garve & District Project

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