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Any knitters out there? Want some company?

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Ilse Jack has come up with the suggestion of a get together for all the knitters in Garve & District. Do you enjoy picking up the needles from time to time?

If so, please read on...

You could meet up at the time and frequency to suit most folk and maybe move between Garve and Achnasheen so as many people are included as possible. You might want to swap patterns and wool, learn some new stitches - or teach someone else some new knitting skills. Everyone would be welcome. Let us know what you think!

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Lynne Shearer said:

I would be interested but I am a beginner, pretty much self taught and would need to learn from the experiences of others. As I work, and quite often away from home, being able to take part would be very much dependant on the times a group would meet.

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Pamela Morrison said:

We could perhaps take it turns to host the sessions in our own homes to vary the distances of travel and cut out the need to book a meeting place.Just casting on something would get the ball rolling and make me ( for one ) tidy up now and then...

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Bertha Logie said:

count me in.could this include any hand needlework and we would learn and exchange ideas from each other.

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Ilse Jack said:

Tina, how do I go about organising the first meeting.  Pam‘s suggestion for members to meet in each other’s houses sounds good especially as the hall is closed just now.  

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Tina Hartley said:

Ilse, apologies for my late reply.  I will gladly make contact with all concerned and ask if it is ok for you all to share email addresses and telephone numbers.  Maybe you could take turns at hosting the group within your own homes, I would join you all but cannot knit to save my life!

Leave it with me a Knitting Group is on the way.

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Tina Hartley said:

Ok folks, another email out to you all today - please take a look and I need a volunteer to pull the group together initially, any takers?

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