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A reminder to all our Garve & District kids and teenagers to get your ideas forms back to us. We need to hear from you, what you want and need!

We Will Act On Your Ideas

I hope you all enjoyed receiving your card and Happy News. 
Thank you to those of you that have already be in touch with your ideas, they are great, just what we need. 
It has been a busy and different summer for everyone so I understand these forms may have got buried under a pile of papers. If you can get them back to us we can get cracking on providing what you need and want. We only have 3 responses to go on so far.
Parents, we would really appreciate if you could assist your kids completing the forms. 
We will make our plans based on the feedback we get, so please get those wee forms completed and in the post using the stamped addressed envelope or contact me directly with your ideas /contact/project-co-ordinator-morven
You can also download the forms here if you can't find them.

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