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This fantastic project is open to everyone. No art experience, technique or skill required. Just for the enjoyment, connection and benefit to our health and wellbeing.

Let's Get Creative!

Paperchain: a communal project / please join


During the coronavirus outbreak An Talla Solais inviting everyone to take part in our communal project Paperchain.

Paperchain is inspired by the Dolphin Arts Project whose weekly art session to support people living with dementia has been suspended during the outbreak. The Dolphins will be invited to undertake a weekly activity in their own homes as a way of keeping in touch with each other despite isolation. We want to widen the net so that others might also take part, in solidarity with the Dolphins but also to give you something creative to get your teeth into in weeks to come.

A weekly activity will be posted on social media, on this page, and through an email which you can sign up to, to receive the info directly in your inbox.

Please do as many or as few or the activities as you like. Also feel free to change them according to your inclination! If you don’t have appropriate materials please drop us a line ( and we will see if we might be able to deliver something to help.

If you use social media we’d love to see your images on our Facebook page or by using hashtag #ullapoolpaperchain

Once we are all able to be out and about again we hope to gather your artworks and celebrate what has happened behind closed doors. In the meantime we are wishing you well, whatever this time is bringing you.

Sign up to the weekly Paperchain email here

Thanks for joining us!

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