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It has been a bit quiet on the Garve Public Hall front, but be assured Trustees have been beavering away in the background trying to move things forward.

The news so far

Hall Renovation - hall plans have now moved forward to the building warrant stage and once this is received, we will be able to organise a bill of quantities that will allow us to once again apply to Lochluichart Community Trust for funds to support renovation. Working in partnership with the Development Company, our thanks go out to Tina Hartley, Community Engagement and Development Officer, who has been putting forward funding applications for the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund and we are pleased to say we have been invited to apply to Stage 2 of the fund - fingers crossed! If successful, this will secure around £200K in support of renovation costs. Please see plans below.

Increase in hire costs - hall costs have remained the same for a number of years and for community bookings have increased by £2 per hour recently. We have responded to recent community comments around difficulties with regard to booking the hall and sometimes difficulties with regard to access. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience, which, in the main, this has been due to lack of capacity, however we have put an emergency access provision in place and are researching options of a new entry access system. This, along with our new booking facility, will hopefully improve our service. To support improvements and increasing overheads, a slight increase in hire rates were therefore put in place.

Hall Trustees support the purchase and development of Garve Hotel land moving forward, this will be beneficial for our community and beneficial for the hall in terms of the potential for extra car parking space. As part of becoming a SCIO, we are required to move title of the hall over to the newly incorporated charity and were advised by our Solicitor to also move title of the car parking spaces over at the same time. As part of this process, we have found out that we do not actually own the title of the car parking spaces, but are working hard to ascertain ownership and acquire title - especially given that trustees have maintained the spaces for well over 20 years.

We will share further progress as we move along and look forward to seeing the community's views around the renovation of their village hall come to fruition.

Questions & Comments

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Mark Dale said:

A good informative article. As a community resident, I wonder if it would it be prudent to wait until the community have finalised the purchase of the hotel land before proceeding with the refurbishment of the hall? The community need to decide exactly what they want to do with the land if a successful purchase is completeed. Once  community concensus on the land has been established, then proceed. There are synergies if the community want a car park or to establish a building for other uses, thus saving a susbstantial amount of community funds. We all want to use the community funds to gain the fullest value.

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Robert Moir said:

The refurbishment of the hall is the responsibility of the Hall Trustees and is in response to the wishes of the community.

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Robert Moir said:

I wish to clarify that I responded as an individual resident of Garve.

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