Handyperson Service

Highland Handyperson Service

Post in Community Care by Megan Urquhart
Provided by ILM and is available to Garve & District residents aged 65 and over or living with a disability.

The service is here to help with minor repairs around the home which you may find difficult.

Help is available for jobs including:

  • Hanging shelves
  • Moving furniture
  • Changing lightbulbs and smoke detector batteries. 
  • Unblocking sinks
  • Replacing tap washers

They can also help with larger repairs, including replacing broken windowpanes or fitting handrails.

Will only charge for the materials the Handyperson uses to complete the agreed work. There is no charge for the Handyperson’s time or travel expenses.

"No job is too small – our Handyperson service can assist with simple household tasks that many take for granted"
Attached is the Handyperson Leaflet for more information.

Contact ILM by telephone: 01349 884774 or email: handyperson@ilmhighland.co.uk

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