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Post in Community by Tina Hartley
The Garve and District Development Company are pleased to celebrate two successful funding applications for digital training in our community.

Meet and Eat: Garve & District DigiHub

Ok, you might be asking yourself what on earth is a DigiHub, well you are looking at it!  It's this great on-line digital community that is currently being developed.  Successful applications have been made to the Digital Participation Fund and to Lochluichart Community Trust to bring together younger and older members of our community to share their knowledge and skills.

The applications were made in response to the Community Survey of 2016 and recent discussions with local residents and will:-

  • Provide some fun, interactive, training sessions where young people are encouraged to help us design and facilitate them.
  • Transport will be provided for those who need it.
  • We are going to have a relaxed atmosphere, food and drink for those who attend and a chance to chat, meet old friends and make new ones.
  • For those who sign up, one to one sessions will be arranged to kick start the process so we can have a chat about what current skills you have and what digital technology you use e.g. phone, tablet, laptop or none.

The project will also give us the opportunity to put resources back into our own community by using a local community venue, a local caterer and a relatively local transport provider. The other great thing to shout about is, we have funds to employ a couple of people - Project Facilitator and Keyworker, so keep an eye open for a Current Vacancies Post!

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Sharon Wright, Chair of LCT said "congratulations to the Development Company on receiving their grant funding, LCT looks forward to working with them to bring the community together".

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John Bedwell said:

Well done the Development Company, well done the LCT. Every group in the community should share the objective of working together to make best use of our ‘windfall’ in the interest of our people, our places and the environment.

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Jeanette Fenwick said:

I think this is a great idea. Not just the opportunity to learn but have fun as well! 

It would be good to spread the word about the digihub training to neighbours who perhaps don’t have the means of going online yet so they don’t miss out on signing up.

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Tina Hartley said:

Thanks for your comments John and Jeanette and for your support.  We are hoping the sessions will be a great success and bring folk together, not just those who may require training but also those who are happy to join us and share the digital skills they have with others.  It will be fun and we will begin planning very soon.

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