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Post in Community by Sue Tarr
Scotland and the world are in an unprecedented situation with COVID-19, what can we do in Garve and District to stay strong together?

Stronger Together

The Garve & District Development Company Board and Staff want to support our community through this very difficult time.  We are a small commnity, widely dispersed and have older folk and possibly other vulnerable people who may need assistance.  Other communities are rallying now, as is always the way in the Highlands, so what can we put in place to support the community of Garve and District?

What ever we put in place, we need to keep in mind social distancing, things other communities are thinking of are:-

  • Adopt a community resident - support someone via phone, email, social media, keep in contact with them on a regular basis.
  • Prescription pick up and drop off.
  • Food pick up and drop off (getting more diffiuclt now as the shops begin to empty) how can we make this work?

We are very conscious that not all people have access to our on-line community hub and social media, so we could do a post out to all households in the district to share information.

Please use the Contact button at the bottom of the page to:-

  • Let us know if you need support and if so what you require.
  • Let us know that you wish to be a community volunteer working within any Government recommendations (which change daily).
  • Share you ideas about how we can help residents of Garve & District.

Our Community Engagement and Development Officers can help co-ordinate from afar (Ullapool).

Please leave comments below sharing your ideas of what can be done to help our community (DO NOT LEAVE YOU ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBER IN THE COMMENTS AREA).

And remember we are stonger together


Questions & Comments

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Jeanette Fenwick said:

It would be great to get the whole community engaged with this. Ideally being able to pair a suppprt person with a single individual / household, who is a near neighbour, so that the best support can be given. 

I would be happy to offer such help. Perhaps a daily phone call to ensure they are Ok and have a friendly natter.  Also to provide a weekly shop and support prescription needs.

If we can get excess volunteers then this will enable others to step in to cope with any further changes to the situation and keep things manageable. For instance if the support person needs to self isolate for any reason.

This would need to be carefully coordinated. So we do need a lead coordinator who can keep abreast of the community need and ensure all residents are well supported. 

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Tina Hartley said:

Totally agree with you Jeanette.  Lucy and I as paid staff can co-ordinate from afar in terms of processes etc.

Do you and other feel a post out to all community members would be helpful.  I am so aware that not everyone engages with the hub and social media.

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Caroline Gamble said:

I have concerns for folk in our community who may not be eligible for pay if taking time off work or self employed people whose income will be severely reduced during this coronavirus emergency. Would the LCT be able to develop and administer a hardship fund to support these individuals and/or their families?

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Pamela Morrison said:

I think this would be a most appropriate way to use funding from the LCT. What would be the best way to arrange this quickly and legally? 

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Sue Tarr said:

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, both here and on facebook and those that have come in individually too. We are actively looking at taking these forward. We will need the support of the community to make this work so please don't be shy about getting in touch either through the contact facility here on or through a director if you aren't so keen on electronic communication!

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