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Take a look at the On Ya Bike group update on plans for path between Garve and Contin

Garve to Contin Path for Communities

We would all like to reduce our reliance on vehicle use and create a healthier and fit society. The Garve Community has expressed an interest in the use of e-bikes for recreational, shopping and commuter use.

The main road, the A835, which forms part of the North Coast 500, is very hazardous for bicycle use. This is a busy road, with heavy traffic from tourists, including bicycle users, as well as daily ferry traffic.

“On Ya Bike” is a group of community members tasked with developing a safe alternative route for bikes and pedestrians to use for their commute to Contin and Strathpeffer. The proposed alternative route is a path that will follow the forestry trail from Tor Achility to Strathgarve. The path should be suitable for all abilities and not just for bikes.

On Ya Bike” has contacted Transport Scotland on how we should go about providing an alternative route for the local communities and touring bicyclists. Transport Scotland directed us to Sustrans Scotland, a charity financed by Transport Scotland to provide advice, support and funding for paths throughout Scotland. At this stage Sustrans indicated a positive reaction to our proposal. They advised us to gain the support of Highland Council, Highland & Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) and local Politicians.

On Ya Bike” has since received positive support for the project, each of the above willing to provide written documentation to support our application to Sustrans. We also need the approval of landowners on the proposed route, this includes Forestry and Land Scotland as well as private landowners. At this early stage they have responded positively. We have also made contact with the Peffery Way group to glean advice on their successful project. We thank them for their invaluable information. Peffery Way have also pledged positive support for our project. Our goal is to tie up the paths so there in a continuous link from Garve to Dingwall in the future.

On Ya Bike is now meeting local communities to gain as much support as possible for the project and to work in partnership for the development of inter-community groups to utilise the path in the future.

Presently, Sustrans has ceased all new projects until the budget for 2021/22 is announced which should be imminent. Once a new round of funding is announced we will submit an Expression Of Interest to Sustrans to initiate the project.

Please let us know your thoughts and if you are interested in being involved in the group.

MD bike

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John Bedwell said:

A very positive update (thank you Mark and others) and a clear demonstration of the research, time and patience needed to progress some of our 'legacy scale projects' in the community.

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Lizzie McDougall said:

What a great plan this is
Good for environment and good for people
I think it will be particularly good to link the Garve to Contin with the Pefferyway So that people can walk or cycle without the danger of cars
All best to all involved in making it happen

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