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Community Newsletter - Edition 1 June 2022

Post in Community Care by Heather Donaldson
The first edition of the new community newsletter will hitting your letterbox very soon, hope you like it.

The Garve and District News

It's been 25 years since the very first community newsletter - Achnasheen & Garve News and Views came out and was free to all residents.  The Editorial Team were - Einir Hughes Winship, Julie Allan, Brian Denoon, Uisdean Menzies, Andrew Allan, Pat Campbell, Marianne MacKenzie, Pam Morrison, Dena Ross and Sue Tarr.  Check out the Community Councillors on the last page and between the Editorial Team and Councillors there are lots of familair names who are all still volunteering for their community 25 years later!  You can take a look at the very first edition below.
Hopefully, you will have all received the new community newsletter - The Garve and District News this has been funded by the Mental Health and Well-being Fund. Funding was also received from the Garve and District Community Council who held an historical budget from the previous newsletter and they kindly passed this over in support of this new project.
So without further ado, check out the the new newsletter below - don't hesitate to let the Editorial Team know what you would like to see in the paper in future, all contributions welcome.

Questions & Comments

Here's what others said...

Kim B said:

Being... relatively new to the community, a history buff and having worked in Education for most of my life ... I was in absolute awe of the Achnasheen & Garve News (May 1998 edition). It was a delight to read and I would love to read more. Can anyone tell me if it would be possible to find any more previous editions of the paper to read? I am especially interested in the history of local Education and it's school buildings/records at Lochluichart, Achnasheen & other surrounding areas. The further back the better. 

If anyone has any information on this subject or can point me in the right direction of how to acquire it, could you possibly let me know?  


Pamela Morrison said:

I hope to be at the plant swap in Garve  on Saturday, Kim. I can lend you copies of the News and Views to look at but I passed on any spares to to the GDDCO.  AS for Education  in the Highlands,  I go back a long way myself  and overlapped with others who went back much further.........    . Ask away!

Kim B said:

That is really kind of you Pam. We can hopefully make Saturday too for a while, it all depends if Steven is working or not. I would really appreciate reading the copies you possess and would love to  be able to talk to you about your school life experience and memories. I will let you know ASAP if I will be at Garve on Saturday. Thank you Pam, I really appreciate your input. 


Heather Donaldson said:

Hi Kim,

Members of the Community such as Pam have very kindly passed on lots of copies of the former newsletter to us, and one of our staff is currently scanning them all for us so that we can keep an archive.  You would be more than welcome to look through these too when all done, and we intend to make the scans publicly available.  

Contact us any time through the comments section in garve.org or via 'hello@garve.org'.

Kind regards,


Kim B said:

That is brilliant Heather, thank you so much. Just let me know what I have to do to obtain them when they are ready to read. 

I really appreciate your help. 



Heather Donaldson said:

Our pleasure, Kim.  We will do. 

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