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It's official, let's get the Community Garden Project up and running! We need your support.

Project Members Needed

Let's start the new year as we mean to go on and get this project up and running.

We are going to hold a community meeting in January 2019 to chat about first steps.  Do you fancy leading the project or joing the group?  We need people, ideas and a plan!  

Sign up to join the project by leaving your name in the comments section below and come the new year let's see this seed of an idea grow - sorry couldn't resist that!

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Questions & Comments

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Ed Tarr said:

Thanks Blair I am a bit disappointed at the response but these things do take time  to kick in. We are thinking now about adding Allotments to the project. Lucy is busy contacting sources of information on several fronts We want to fix a meeting for January possibly to include a site meeting with a local landowner who is willing to sell some land for the project. Also having some refreshments in the Hall. There is a considerable amount of extpertise in our Community which we may draw upon and from other local Communities. You may smile but I was the Secretary of an Allotments and Gardens Association in the 1950's

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Tina Hartley said:

Hi Ed, remember you had a good response to your original idea with lots of comments so we can return to those folks who said they were interested too.

Marc Harris said:

Hi Ed, that's encouraging news re: purchase of land. Look forward to hearing more at forthcoming meeting.Deb


Mike Franklin said:

I'm happy to help when I can, but I am away for a lot of the year. I'm primarily around from May to October.

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Blair Millen said:

That's great Mike, thanks.

I imagine there'll be lots of weeding and cutting back to do during May to October :-)

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Sadie-Michaela Harris said:

Hello Ed,

Simon and I are looking forward to being involved, we should be around after mid January. Allotments sound like a great idea, well done to yourself and Lucy for investigating further!

Thank you for all that you are doing, Sadie

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