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Did you miss the recent Community Energy Group Drop-in Event? Hope not, it was fantastic! Fun to see folks having a shot on the electric bikes and test driving an electric car.

Community Energy Group - Drop In Day

A big thank you goes out to all who visited the “Energy Drop In” day.  

Hopefully you were able to get lots of practical info and advice from all the exhibitors who were there. The event aimed to let you know what the Garve & District Community Energy Group have achieved, what we are planning to do and enabled you to let us know what you’d like to see happen next for Community Energy. We’ll be focussing our efforts on how we can put your ideas into action.

Those of you who ordered free insulation and draught proofing - your items will be with you soon.  For those who couldn’t get to the event – an order form will be included with your application form for this year’s Energy Grant.  You will also be able to feedback through a short survey included with the application forms. 

Be sure to check out the Energy Group link (at the bottom of the page) for more news.


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Pamela Morrison said:

Would it be possible to give an update and reminder with regard to the Energy payments which we were all so grateful for last year?  This query  was prompted by the  generous offer made by my supplier to  increase  my monthly direct debit by £ 30 without any effort on my part...!

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Sue Tarr said:

Hi Pam,

That sounds quite drastic!

The Energy group is waiting for confirmation of funding for this year's Energy Grant, and households will be receiving their application forms through the post in the next few weeks with the deadline for applications 31st Dec 2019.

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Pamela Morrison said:

Many thanks  in  anticipation...

Laura Lee McWhinney said:

We got coonfirmation of the payment for this winter to run the energy grants.

We are busy working on Novembers group oil buy for everyone who needs to order some domestic heating oil at the moment as well as getting the grant application forms ready for posting

Laura from the Garve & District Energy Group

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Pamela Morrison said:

Could you make my oil club order " to fill up as far as possible ".. There may not be room for 1000 ltrs.Hope this doesn't muddle things up for you!

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