Circuits! When Can You Make It?

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We want to find the best day and time for everyone interested in going along to Nicx Fit Mix Sessions

A fantastic full body workout in just 45 minutes! 

Respond to our poll below and we hope to see you at a session. The results so far will show after you vote. Here is what one of Nic's participants says

“Nic gives us something different every week, so we never quite know what’s coming – we’re all definitely getting fitter and it is surprising what you can do – more than you think! And it’s less than an hour a week”

Take part in the poll below so Nic can offer the day and time that works for as many of you as possible. If you can attend a number of the options please tell us them all here!


We want to find the best day and time to accommodate everyone that is interested in attending Circuits

Circuits! When Works Best for You?

Keep up to date with the planned Circuits sessions on the Events Calendar


Questions & Comments

Here's what others said...


Alison Cheyne said:

Always good session, and caters to all fitness levels, nic is great, at giving us something different every week 


Steve Jones said:

Such a brilliant workout. Lots of great exercise. And lots of banter and laughs too. A great tonic for the week. Suitable for everyone.

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