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Annual Review 2020

Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Tina Hartley
Can't believe it is time for the first Community Development Plan annual review - where did that year go to?

So much achieved, so much to do!

Complete the survey here and give us your priorities!
The board and staff of The Garve & District Development Company are so excited to share with you the work that has been achieved over the past 12 months.  50 areas of work have been completed and 37 are still in progress, our Community Engagement and Development Officers, Tina and Lucy have developed, submitted and successfully been awarded a whopping £172,175, of which £123,393 came from LCT and importantly £47,782 from external funders (much more then their salary for the year just in external monies)!
We invite you to take a good look at what has been achieved and give us some feedback on your priorities for moving forward by completing the survey above.  These are areas that you wanted to see in the Development Plan that are still to be developed - so what shall we work on first?
On this occassion, we have asked for your name and address only because the survey is going out in digital and paper formats across so many different platforms and we need to make sure no double counting goes on!  Be assured your views will be anonymised before presenting to the Board and prior to sharing with the community.
To ensure we reach every possible resident aged 16 and over, the Annual Review and survey will be shared: -
  • Here, on your on-line community hub.
  • Posted to every household in Garve & District with an SAE to return the survey.
  • Emailed to all our contacts giving the opportunity to complete the survey digitally.
  • Shared all over our social media and with relevant groups.
  • Passed to LCT to share with thier members.
  • Passed to Garve and District Community Council to share with their members
So you may end up getting it a number of times but better than than not at all!
Please read over the review, and a BIG PLEASE to completing the survey.  Do not hesitate to get in touch by: -

Tell us what you want to happen in your community and we will make it happen!


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