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What's good about being a voluntary board member? (Sue Tarr)

Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Tina Hartley
Sometimes not a lot! But at the end of the day the Board is making a difference for our area. On the lead up to our AGM, our board will share their thoughts on being a voluntary board member.

Please join us

A word from Sue ....

Being able to say we have successfully completed projects, developed ongoing activities within the community, and are looking to the future with the development of community land in Garve that will overcome some of our longstanding problems are all big achievements!

Being able to help support and build on the dedicated hard work of the different groups of volunteers within Garve and District is hugely positive and you learn a lot about what other people are doing.

I think there are parts of the community that could do with more representation on our board.  Wouldn't it be great to have someone from Achnasheen or Achnalt, and someone from further up the Glen.

Younger people are also needed!  

Why not think about applying to join our board of directors, there is plenty to get involved with and we have a great team of staff who support us on a daily basis.

Support your community, influence community development, join The Garve & District Development Company as a voluntary board member today.

Sue Tarr - Chair

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Pamela Morrison said:

I am wondering if Dingwall Academy ( 6th  form ) have anything like this on the curriculum,  perhaps touched on in other subjects. I am a little out of touch as our family Dingwall Academian is now 43 years old..........

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