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Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Heather Donaldson
Following our AGM on 14 November 2023, there has been a change to the Company rules - the Articles of Association.

Article 94 - Quorum

More than 75% of the Membership present at the meeting agreed to change Article 94 so that the quorum (i.e. the minimum legal number of Directors needed to make a decision) for Board meetings is now 3 instead of 4.  The revised Articles document is available here on our front page.  

Why did we make this change?

For a while now the Board membership has been 4, and the quorum was also 4.  This sometimes made it impossible to transact Company business if for any reason, one Director could not attend a Board meeting.  Having a quorum of 3 will mean that there is:

  • an increased chance of being able to make decisions at meetings and enable the Company to continue functioning;
  • greater flexibility and resilience for the Board, i.e., if a Director has to give apologies for a meeting, then the meeting will still be able to go ahead;
  • reduced chances of delayed decision-making due to postponed meetings.   

Thank you to our Members for considering this matter at our AGM.  The Company appreciates your input - it's the most important thing we have.  

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