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A Gentle Local Walk?

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Would you like to go for an occasional short local walk and a blether? Get in touch with the resident below that is asking for folk to join her and enjoy the benefits of getting out into nature.

Get in touch and see what day and time works for you

You can contact Amanda by clicking here
Completely flexible, informal and relaxed walk and a blether. Comment below, give a heart reaction on facebook or sign in to to vote with a thumbs up and Amanda can get back to you.
It's a fantastic time of year to get out and enjoy nature at it's best with good company!

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Heather Donaldson said:

I'm outwith the District but on cooler weather Saturdays my dogs come with me to the monthly coffee morning and I take them for a walk afterwards. Would be delighted to walk with other humans and dogs if it suits anyone. 

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