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A member of the community has come up with the idea of a coffee morning for all ages. No specific reason in mind, just a chance for people to get together for a chat.

What do you think?

As there is no formal pre-school group due to low numbers, we could have toys for them in one corner. Tea and coffee could be served in another area, with seating for folk to have a blether in peace but mums and dads can still keep an eye on their little ones. Any age would be welcome, a chance to get out of the house and meet your friends and neighbours. Let us know what you think! 

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Ed Tarr said:

The idea of  all ages coming together to find  a way to get us all sharing ideas and enjoying our Community is great. BUT can anyone think of another name for it than "All Ages Coffee Morning"? Something that leaps out and grabs everyone? Now our mature folk are getting genned up to on-line and we have the Garve Hall on wi-fi there's a big world of  entertainment out there that the younger lot are already into. There's loads of interest in arts and crafts and other hobbies too! Let's do it.

Blair Millen said:

How about "Connected Coffee"?


Pamela Morrison said:

How about Coffee break and make ... I'm thinking about Tina and Lucy's  idea for what they called seed corn days ( correct me if I'm wrong, please). I took this to mean " pop up" stalls linked to other events so that  any hall fees would be covered, not full scale fairs but perhaps different people and promotions on various occasions. Conviviality and Coffee all together, all ages. 

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