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The Activate Garve & District Project has created an online group on the hub A place for the whole community to share in activities, laughter and connection.

Activate Garve

Stay connected

There will be posts with activities, positivity and hopefully laughter too. There are so many wonderful activities we can access via our gadgets and the chance to share them with each other in the community.

A wide range of activities from creative to practical with a good injection of comedy. I certainly feel the need for this to balance everything out, staying in touch and laughing together.

What activities do you like to do? Will you share them with your community?

  1. Go to home page, look under Quick Links on the top right hand side and click on Groups and Clubs. 
  2. Scroll down to Activate Garve and click on the title. This takes you to our group page where we will post updates, activities and things to make us smile. 
  3. Members can sign in then follow the group by clicking on "Follow this Group" near the bottom of the page. You will then automatically get updates.

Lets get this group going and share some happiness!


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