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Achnasheen Post Office - Potential Closure

Post in Infrastructure by Steve Jones
There is a real possibility that the post office in Achnasheen may close and we seek the support of all Garve and District residents in our campaign to keep it open.

Please support your community

We ask all residents of Garve and District to actively support our campaign to keep the Achnasheen Post Office open.  There is the real possibility that the Achnasheen Post Office will be closed and we have to act urgently to put our case forward to keep it open.

  • Closure will have a deep impact on our community.
  • We will have to make a costly round trip of up to 35 miles to get basic postal services.
  • We will lose 60% of the income for our community hall. This is very difficult to replace. It will be a challenge to keep the hall open without it.
  • As far as the Post Office is concerned, there is potential business here.
  • We local residents will probably use it more in our post Covid world.
  • And there is untapped demand for postal services and other related merchandise from the NC500 tourists, all of whom uniquely have to pass through Achnasheen.

We have to make our case to the Post Office urgently. And we believe we have a strong one.

To help retain our post office and community hall, please can you contact the Post Office immediately in two ways:

1 By letter

  • Write to the Chief Executive first class post.
  • Attached is a letter we have sent to him, you can down load this for use or use your own words.
  • His address is on the letter.

2 On-line

Submit a formal complaint to the Post Office.

  • You can fill in the complaint form at the link below.
  • Again you could copy the attached letter into the form, or write it in your own words, whichever you prefer.

We have also written to get the support of our local councillors, MSPs and MP - Ian Cockburn, Rhoda Grant, Edward Mountain, Ariane Burgess, Maree Todd, and Ian Blackford.

Your direct representation to these people will also add weight to our cause.

We need to tell the Post Office how we feel about this.

It is the only way we stand a chance of keeping the post office open.

Thank you on behalf of the Achnasheen Amenities Group

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