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TGDDC Board Minutes and Joint Meeting Minutes

Here you will find all the TGDDC Minutes from our monthly board meetings back to April 2018. Have a look!

See all the approved minutes from our Board Meetings here:-

April Minutes 2018
May Minutes 2018
July Minutes 2018
August Minutes 2018
11 September Minutes 2018
25 September Minutes 2018
November AGM Draft Minutes 2018
November Minutes 2018
December Minutes 2018
February Minutes 2019
March Minutes 2019
April Minutes 2019
May EGM Draft Minutes 2019
May Minutes 2019
June Minutes 2019
August Minutes 2019

See all the approved minutes from joint meetings with other community organisations here:-

Joint Meeting with LCT - 3 December 2018
Joint Meeting with LCT - 25 June 2019


Questions & Comments

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Pamela Morrison said:

Iam having problems accessing  latest minutes unless I download every time. Help from experienced helpers did't make any difference.I am using a Samsung Tablet but might soon need a paracetomal too .Any suggestions?

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Tina Hartley said:

Hi Pam, yes you just need to click the link for each set of minutes for them to open up.  I am sure you are doing the right thing.

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Pamela Morrison said:

Thanks, Tina ! Have just re-read Feb. Minutes focusing on " seed corn" section and feel there are very positive ideas in there with a good chance of  flourishing.

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Pamela Morrison said:

Now I have read March minutes and, at the risk of becoming a " common tater ' I found them informative and a reflection of the time spent working on this project by those involved. It was heartening to read the note from the "tender panel"  too....

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Tina Hartley said:

Thanks Pam, good to see you taking an interest, as always any questions just shout.


Jean Bailey said:

Thanks for the April 2019 Minutes, just a couple of things. I was unable to go to the EGM, but wonder if the digital banking payments with just one directors authorisation was passed. I have read the EGM Minutes and it does not actually say.

Also are the reports made by the Developement officers for the directors only and not for an ordinary member of the company to see?

Hope you can help.

Jean Bailey

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Tina Hartley said:

Hi Jean

Lovely to hear from you and nice to see you at the Community Council Meeting last week, apologies for the delay in replying.

I have been asked to respond on behalf of our Board:-

Digital Banking

The clause referring to digital banking did not actually change, which is why it does not form part of the EGM paperwork.  That clause (110) only says that any digital banking is carried out in accordance with clause 109 (the one which was changed to say only one director was required).  Here are the two clauses for information (both taken directly from DTAS model) with reference to the operation of bank accounts:

109 The signatures of two out of four signatories appointed by the directors shall be required in relation to all operations (other than lodgement of funds) on the bank and building society accounts held by the company; at least one out the two signatures must be the signature of a director.

110 Where the company uses electronic facilities for the operation of any bank or building society account, the authorisations required for operations on that account must be consistent with the approach reflected in article 109.To confirm NO payments will be made by our Company Secretary, via digital banking, without express consent of a director.

CEDO Reports

Our Officers’ reports are used as an internal mechanism to report detailed progress of their work to Directors and as such are not available to members.  Their report is summarised in the minutes, however, we do appreciate that in the minutes you refer to some items have not been summarised and we will endeavour to ensure this happens from this point forward.  We use the Board minutes, amongst other communication channels to keep members up to date on a regular basis with our progress.  However, as always, we are more than happy to talk to members on an individual basis or respond to email requests regarding specific questions about the work of or Company.

The Garve & District Development Company Board

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