Reminder Where and When Suits You to attend Zumba?

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The venue, day and time will change in the New Year to suit you all, ready for classes restarting at the end of January will be looking for a Zumba boost of dancing, fun and great music!

Tell Andreea Where and When you can Attend

Please give Andreea your feedback on all the days and times that could work for you by completing the super quick, 2 minute form in this post. Any problems contact Morven here or email, message, whats app or phone.

Please complete the form by one of the two methods below by Wednesday 28th December or get in touch with me direct

1) You can click over the top of the link below and click on the boxes of all options you can do. Click on submit and thats it. I will be able to see a summary of everyone's responses and let you all know the results.

Zumba Feedback Form


2) On your laptop or computer, click on the form you can see below, click on all the options where you could attend, use the scroll bar at the side to move down the form and click submit at the end. This method does not work on mobiles. That's it done.

If you prefer to receive the information on an email just let me know or I am very happy to take your feedback over the phone. Get in touch.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I know no-one likes filling out forms. It is the only way we can find out when and where everyone can access Zumba. 

Thanks again


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Pamela Morrison said:

Is Ledgowan Lodge    the same as  Ledgowan Hotel?


Morven MacDonald said:

Yes, that's correct Pam. Ledgowan Lodge Hotel is it's official title to be accurate. 

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