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Post in Community Energy by Morven MacDonald
Look out for important information from The Garve & District Development Company arriving in your post next week. It may help you save energy costs and reduce bills.

What's in the Pack?

Please look out for the envelope which will be addressed to a member of your household.  It contains important information that could help reduce your energy costs. 

You can contact Ewan Bush, Community Energy Officer directly with any queries relating to energy by clicking here - Contact Now

Included in the pack you will find:

  1. Energy Information Flyer written by Ewan Bush, Community Energy Officer
  2. Consent Form to permit the Community Energy Officer, Ewan Bush, access to your Home Energy report
  3. Water Scarcity article - grants may be available to improve your water supply
  4. Membership Form (Ordinary and Junior) for households that have not yet signed up for free membership of the Development Company. Your membership provides evidence of your interest and general support of the aims of the development company in achieving a better quality of life for Garve & District residents. Every membership makes our voice stronger in progressing what everyone in the community wants for Garve & District. Please do not hesitate to complete the form and return it
  5. Achnasheen Survey (Activate Garve & District Project) - to discover the activities that Achnasheen residents are interested in being pursued. While we are waiting for lockdown to slowly ease, we can gather the thoughts and preferences of residents, so we are ready once it is safe to progress. This survey was requested and agreed as an action at the Achnasheen meeting in February
  6. Stamped Addressed Envelope for the return of all completed forms 
Please complete and return the following in the Stamped Addressed Envelope to Morven MacDonald:
  1. Consent Form to permit the Community Energy Officer, Ewan Bush, access to your Home Energy report so he can offer you Home Energy support and advice
  2. Membership Form/s if you have not yet joined the TG&DDC
  3. Achnasheen Activities Survey for Activate Garve & District Project
  4. Please also send a hand written note if you wish, on any issue or ideas relating to Garve & District community
Should anyone not have received their pack by Friday 19th June, please get in touch with Morven by clicking here - Contact Now
Thanks to the Scottish Government's Investment in Communities Fund for funding the Community Energy Officer role to improve the lives of residents of Garve & District reducing energy costs. Thanks also to the LCT for funding the Activate Garve & District Project
We hope you are coping with the current situation and are well. If we can help in any way or you have any ideas or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If we don't have the answers we can point you in the direction of someone who does.
Stay in touch and stay safe

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