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You, Me and a Cup of Tea! Monday 11th December at 12-2pm Aultguish Inn

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Come along for a good blether, great company and a bite to eat at this women's get together, once a month, on a weekend and a weekday. Please book.

Please Book

Meet new folk, make new friends and catch up with some familiar faces. Connection is good for our health, wellbeing and quality of life. We had 9 people attend November's weekday meet up and 10 attend the Saturday. Fantastic!

Caring for young children? Bring them along

Food & Beverages
A light lunch of soup or a toastie or breakfast roll, with tea and coffee, will be available funded through Activate Garve & District Project.  Anyone living outwith the funded area will just pay for the food and drink they choose and are always welcome. 

Please let the hotel know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.

Going Forward
I am hoping a few folk from the group may be interested in working it between them, to book the venues and record the bookings from those hoping to attend. The aim of the project is to make these activities as self sustainable as possible.  We have a winning formula now, so more straightforward. 

Weekend sessions will be on a Saturday where possible, all sessions will be as near to lunchtime as possible and rotated around the venues in the district.  A priority aim of the project is to support the economy within the district.  Where a venue cannot be sourced inside Garve & District, the group will meet outside the area.

The sessions will be planned taking venue availability, other events, residents needs and other impacting aspects into consideration. 

Contact Morven by clicking here and completing the brief form

If you would like to be added to the email updates please let me know or if you hope to attend. If you are aware of anyone that requires an alternative format  or communication method, tell us using the link below or phoning 07838 815 085. There is a WhatsApp group for all attendees to use to communicate about lifts and any last minute changes to dates or times.

The group have been great at offering each other lifts to save on fuel, help those that are uncomfortable driving far or don't have access to transport and enjoy the company.

Thanks to all the volunteer Directors at Lochluichart Community Trust and The Garve & District Development Company. Lochluichart Community Trust approved the funding for the Activate Garve & District Project Phase 3 which supports this activity and many others, reducing isolation, increasing connection, wellbeing and quality of life for the residents in the Garve & District Community Council area.



Project Officer
Activate Garve & District Project Phase 3
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