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The students in this class just go from strength to strength! There are a couple of spaces available. Beginners and those with experience all very welcome, from ages 6-106!
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When 1:30pm–3:30pm, Sat 19 Nov, 2022
Where Garve Public Hall, Ross-shire, IV23 2PP
Age Suitability6+


A great opportunity to build confidence, learn, grade, meet new friends and have fun!

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Don't take our word for it! Here is what the participants have to say
"Built my confidence, I talk to more people, make new friends, really fun and get to exercise"


"Tutor is really good, takes no nonsense yet never has to raise his voice"


"I would say to anyone considering it, do it, it will make a big difference definitely. There is such a positive energy in the room"


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Images from the grading session at the end of June.  The students represented all 4 CSMA schools Gairloch, Ullapool, Maryburgh and G&D about 45 students in total. The grading panel consisted of Sensei Ali Cameron 4th Dan, Sensie Carol Kenmuir 3rd Dan and two of the senior students Sempai Adam Barnes and Liam Barnes, both 2nd Dan's. 5 students from Garve & District did two gradings earning double tags! Congratulations! What an achievement.

Don't they look great! There was such a feeling of strength, teamwork, achievement, respect, fun and discipline all at once. 

If I had my time again, I would definitely have done this given this a go!

Graded to fourth Dan in Kempo Ju Jitsu and 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do, Sensei Ali Cameron has been teaching Kempo Ju Jitsu since 2008. You will learn various ways to defend yourself practising the contrasting but complimentary Martial Arts of Kempo Ju Jitsu and Tang Soo Do.

Ali says

It's beneficial to anyone wishing to participate in a regular form of exercise in order to improve their fitness levels. Over time the techniques will improve the participant’s strength, stamina and endurance as well as their balance and flexibility. The Classes also benefit our mental health in many ways too. 

A great emphasis is placed on discipline and respect taking this into daily life as well as within the class.It has proven to be a great way of improving an individual’s confidence and outlook. The training will be a combination of fun and hard work. You will get out what you put in."

Booking is essential. Book here! Please get in touch with Sensei Ali Cameron of  Cameron School of Martial Arts or myself, if you have to cancel as someone else may be able to fill your space. 

The class is  £5 for adults and £2 for kids that are not resident in the Garve & District who are very welcome.

Thanks to Lochluichart Community Trust for funding the Activate Garve & District Project and to all the hall volunteers in Achnasheen and Garve for their support.
Activate Garve & District Project

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Map of Garve Public Hall

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