The Virtual Veggie Patch

The Virtual Veggie Patch

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A little bit of online help to grow your own vegetables at home, from sowing and planting through to harvest.

When we meet

Everything will be online at


  • 06Jun2020

    Join in on some Slug Pub Research. Now is the time when the war against the slug is at its most critical. Head on over to the Virtual Veggie Patch for more.

    Last updated: Thu 11 Jun 2020, 11:10
  • 02May2020

    The Virtual Veggie Patch is full of little seedlings and plants, how is your vegetable garden coming on? Have you been able to harvest anything yet? The next two or three weeks will be the main window to get all your plants started off if we want to make the most of the growing season this far north. Pop over and visit at (you may need to copy & paste this link).

    The Veggie Gardener will be quite busy over the weekend, with more digging, sowing & planting - not to mention doing a wee rain dance.

    Last updated: Sat 02 May 2020, 11:09
  • 02Apr2020

    The Virtual Veggie Patch is already growing for this year. If you would like to join in, follow the link to the blog. I would love to hear how you are getting on, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned gardener! 

    Last updated: Thu 02 Apr 2020, 22:37