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GreenLeaves - Growing Garve & District

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GreenLeaves aims to promote community growing in Garve & District. Growing in your own garden; selling produce; or join others as part of a community growing initiative. Interested? Please get in touch to learn more about what we can achieve together.

When we meet

We are working on getting somewhere that will allow us to meet as a group, run produce events and importantly grow - watch this space!


  • 20May2022


    When: Tomorrow Sat 21st May at Coffee Morning

    Where: Outside Garve Hall

    What: Bring along plants or seeds to swap. Have you got a few spare veg plants or some cuttings to share? Meet other Green Leaves Growers. Compare notes about Pumpkin Growing!

    (not to mention lovely tea and cakes at the Coffee Morning)

    Last updated: Wed 08 Jun 2022, 14:25
  • 16Apr2022

    Green Leaves have distributed 18 packs around Garve & District for the Carrot & Pumpkin Seed Trial - the first pumpkins are already sown, sprouted and growing - there are still one or two packs if anyone is interested in joining in. Just contact us through or join  Green Leaves Growing Garve & District on Facebook.

    Last updated: Sat 16 Apr 2022, 21:54
  • 01Apr2022

    The Green Leaves Seed Trial is getting ready!

    Several people have already signed up to try their hand at pumpkins and carrots. What's involved? You will receive seeds of a surprise variety of pumpkin and seeds of a surprise variety of carrot to grow at home with your green fingered magic.

    At the end of the summer we will compare notes on how the different varieties grew in Garve & District - who had the tastiest? the biggest? the weirdest shape? Will we have enough pumpkins to have a Pumpkin Show?


    Last updated: Fri 01 Apr 2022, 15:56