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A Year in the Life of a Golden Eagle Talk - Would you prefer January?

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Only four people have shown interest for the talk provisionally for Monday 11th December 1.30-3.30pm at Aultguish Inn? Would you prefer January or not at all? Give us your views.

Ranger Talks in Person and Online 

Tell us what you think.

We want to start by offering this Ranger talk in the afternoon now that the dark nights are with us and the weather is becoming more wintry. The talk will only go ahead if there is enough interest.  If you prefer an evening, to leave till the spring, a different topic or not at all, let us know your views.

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We are aware many of our residents do not like to drive in the dark and others are only free in the evening or weekends which get very busy as we head into the Christmas period. We may be able to organise another session on a different topic on a weekend or evening in the winter if there is enough interest, or wait until the lighter nights in early spring. 

There will be two nature talks from the Rangers being delivered online at the end of November and beginning of December. One is about Golden Eagles and the other Owls in the Highlands. You can follow them yourselves on and search for High Life Highland Countryside Rangers for all their events including online or click the link below

High Life Highland Countryside Rangers on Eventbrite

Please detail your preferences on the contact form in the link above in the yellow box.

The Activate Garve & District Project would cover the costs of refreshments, however the talk would not require funding. 

Thank you


Project Officer
Activate Garve & District Project

Questions & Comments

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Mike Franklin said:

If it was before the 10th January (when I go abroad for a while) then I would be interested. But as I'm still down south on the 11th of December I can't make that date.


Morven MacDonald said:

Thanks Mike.  It will not take place before 10th January as there is not enough interest at the moment. Perhaps in the spring. Thanks for responding.


Pamela Morrison said:

I think, snow, darkness  and ice considered,  this would be  a good event in the newly furnished village hall when the days lengthen. 


Morven MacDonald said:

Thanks for responding Pam. Yes, I am thinking the same thing going by the low interest at the moment. Perhaps something to be explored for the spring.


Jackie West said:

I'd love to attend. Agree with Pam.

But may I ask that it's an evening event, if a weekday - so that those of us who work can attend, please. Thanks.

btw if anyone would be interested in a talk about Otters and Conservation - I'm associated with the IOSF on Skye and I am sure they would be happy to come across if invited (some time next year).


Morven MacDonald said:

Hi Jackie

Thanks for your feedback.

A talk about Otters sounds wonderful. Was a great idea and opportunity. I am sure this will be progressed further and whoever is appointed as the new Project Officer will be in touch in the new year.


Pamela Morrison said:

If it's an evening event could you give me a lift please? Same would go for the Otter Evening.......Pam


Morven MacDonald said:

Thanks for commenting Pam. This is an important point. Many members of the community prefer not to drive in the dark. The more lifts are offered to each other the more opportunities for these events can accommodate everyone and have enough interest to go ahead.

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