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New Fire Safety Regulations

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You may be aware that changes to the Scottish Fire Alarm Standards are taking place and TG&DDC wish to support the community in meeting the new requirements.

Would you like fire safety devices provided for you?

Following requests for support, the Development Company are looking at the possibility of providing devices to our community in order for meet the new Fire Standard Regulations, and we are also looking for funding to support this.  
Devices will only (if funding granted) be provided for private home owners.  The responsibility for accommodation providers lies with the business owner and the responsibility for rented properties lie with the landlord.  We may be able to reimburse some costs to those who can evidence purchase and installation of the corect devices.
You can: -
  • Complete the form below.
  • Scan the QR code on the attached form to complete the questionnaire, or indeed print and return to the Company address.
  • Wait for a paper format that will shortly be coming through your letter box, complete this and return to us.

For the form below,once you have read the introduction press NEXT then you will need to scroll down the form to complete, keep pressing pressing NEXT when required until you reach the final submit button.

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