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What's the Plan? Our Community Development Plan 2019–2024

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Steve Jones said:

Thank you to the Development Company for such an accomplished AGM last night. 

The presentations were clear amd informative, and the video of the Chairman's report an inspiration. And the use of the technology was brilliant - from mainpulating Zoom to incorporating presentations, an art gallery and the voting system. Bravo - Sheila. 

But my biggest thank you goes to all the Board and staff for the fantastic work you are doing for our community; for the time and effort that goes into running the company and making things happen; for the persistence in getting the commuity actively involved; and for the support given to groups of all sizes and ambitions. It is easy to forget that this is all done an an entirely voluntary basis.  The developments and  projects in train are truly remarkable for such a small community. 

Here's to another successful year.      

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