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Art Class in Garve Public Hall

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Suitable for beginners and those more experienced. All Welcome! (Artist Credit: Helen Forteith, Bumble Bee and Sunflower)
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When 11:00am–12:30pm, Thu 16 Jun, 2022
Where Garve Public Hall, Ross-shire, IV23 2PP


Get Creative! Give it a Try!

Here is Jeanette's artwork and her thoughts:
irises by Jeanette Fenwick Art Class Cockrill painted by Jeanette Fenwick Landscape painted by Jeanette Fenwick

Arty goings on!

Having never done any art I was a bit nervous about joining the Art Group.  I soon realised my worries were unfounded. Esther, our tutor, takes us step by step through techniques and keeps things as simple as possible. The classes are equally suitable for those with previous experience and novices like me. 

It’s cheap too! With a basic starter kit of materials you can create so much. We started with watercolours but we also explore other mediums, such as pastel and charcoal.  
Whilst I’m not producing masterpieces I have used the skills learnt to paint all sorts, including birds and landscapes. It’s a great way to relax, and the end product is secondary to the pleasure of just doing the artwork. I now use some of my paintings to produce greeting cards. 

I’d encourage others to give it a go. Everyone in the class is supportive of each other and there’s good banter to be enjoyed. I hope you will feel as inspired as I do, there’s so much more to learn and more fun to be had!


Each class has individual tasks so it is easy to join in. You will watch Esther create the picture first, then have a go yourself.  Book here! Just click on Art Tutor from the drop down menu on the contact form

What to Bring

Bring along your own art materials. Esther will email you with full details and also has a Whats App group you can join to stay in touch with any updates to the date or time and if you wish, you can share artwork, ideas and ask questions.

Respecting Everyone

Please continue to respect everyone in the community regards Covid-19 precautions giving them space as appropriate, at your discretion.  Participants are encouraged not to attend if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or a positive test. Everyone is personally responsible for assessing the risk to themselves and choosing whether this environment is suitable for them.

Places are fully funded by the Activate Garve & District project for all participants resident in Garve & District and £5 for non residents payable to the tutor.

Thanks to Lochluichart Community Trust and to all the volunteers that support the running of the local halls.



Activate Garve & District Project

Contact Morven here

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Map of Garve Public Hall

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