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Fantastic artwork has been arriving from young people in Garve & District! Thank you so much to all that have taken part, supporting local businesses and to the parents helping make it happen.

Now Treat Yourselves!

So we currently have over 30 young residents under the age of 18 and one on the way! A very important and valued part of the community.

A £15 voucher has been emailed to every child and young person that sent in their outstanding artwork. It was really wonderful to have such uplifting pictures coming through on my email and they have certainly made me smile.  We are so looking forward to sharing the artwork and the very inspiring and varied ideas young people have sent us. A lot of thought clearly went into the responses. Thank you!

The ideas and images will be shared at the AGM on zoom on 24th September at 6.30pm.  

Contact us if you are considering attending the AGM and we will send you a Zoom invite. If you need any assistance/training using Zoom we can help. Get in touch with Secretary Sheila Mitchell, or contact me on my usual email address or mobile number.*

Each participant that sent in their artwork and ideas for future activiities, services or events has been emailed a £15 voucher to spend on food and soft drinks at a local food outlet in Garve & District. This initiative has been funded by the Lochluichart Community Trust (LCT) and facilitated by The Garve & District Development Company (TGDDC). 

Our aim was to support and connect with the young people in the district, provide an opportunity to have their voice heard in future planning and support our local businesses and employers at the same time. I am pleased to say this has been achieved thanks to everyone that has participated.

The vouchers can be used anytime between now and Sunday 25th October 2020.

* We can't print our phone numbers or email addresses on the post due to phishing. Do use our contact form via the link in bold and we will respond promptly or contact me directly if easier.

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Tina Hartley said:

Wow, I really am looking forward to seeing the artwork and importantly listening to ideas of what our young folk want. 

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