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Join us for a chat as part of our Sustaining Choices project - tell us what you want community transport to look like in Garve and District.

Community Meeting - Wednesday, 31 March 2021, 7pm

With the help of PAS, we ran a sucessful engagement event on Tuesday, 16 March 2021 with community representatives from The Garve & District Development Company, Lochluichart Community Trust, Garve and District Community Council and the local On ya bike community group.  They had some great ideas on what sustainable transport might look like throughout Garve and District in the future.  

Now it's your turn!

You are invited to join Yvonne Boa and myself on Wednesday, 31 March 2021 at 7pm to tell us your ideas and help the Development Company produce an Active Travel Plan for which funding can be applied for.  Email Us for the Zoom link.
These are the questions we will be considering and want your feedback on: -
1.  Moving around - can I easily walk and cycle around using good-quality routes?
  • Are there enough routes for walking and cycling?
  • Do routes provide obvious and direct links with the places that people want to go,
  • such as schools, shops, parks, Village Halls and public transport?
  • Are routes good quality, attractive and pleasant to use?
  • Do routes meet the needs of everyone, whatever their age or mobility, and is there seating for those who need it?
  • Do routes feel safe to use all year round and at different times of the day?

2.  Public transport - does public transport meet my needs?

  • Are public transport services frequent and reliable?
  • Do they take people to where they want to go?
  • Is public transport safe and easy to access, whatever their age or mobility ?
  • Are bus stops and stations in convenient places and within walking distance of people’s homes and is there seating for those who need it?
  • Do bus and train stations have what is needed, for example, toilets, secure parking and cycle storage? Including train stations?

3.  Traffic and parking - do traffic and parking arrangements allow people to move around safely and meet the community’s needs?

  • Do people take priority over cars and other traffic?
  • What impact does traffic have on health and wellbeing in the place (you might want to think about access, noise and air quality)?
  • Is parking in a safe and secure location?
  • Are traffic-calming measure used effectively to benefit the community?
  • Are there too many cars and too much traffic in the area?

Look forward to seeing you on the 31st March 2021.




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Mark Dale said:

There is a Garve community group who  is in the process of working with Transport Scotland (Sustrans) to approve a project to install an all abilities path for walkers, bicycles, push-chair and wheelchairs users from Garve to Contin. This path will allow users to have access to a safe, traffic free environment to enjoy our beautiful landscape. The main A835 is not safe for walking or cycling and an alternative route will benifit our community in so many ways. We need our community support to gain the financial funding available from the government agency. Please suport this worthwhile project. 

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Pamela Morrison said:

Could we, the 832ers, have a bicycle  shed ( OR similar) in which to leave our bikes so we could bus or train our way to  them? I know, it's a big ask........or is it.More people  from the wider area would be able to take advantage of what  this project offers. Children too could  join in. Otherwise it will be lovely to just walk safely without fear of traffic or tripping on hidden rocks.Even during lockdown  that is the case for many a mile from Gorston to Achnasheen.

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