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Representations from the community to Garve and District Community Council have resulted in a response from Transport Scotland

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Following comments via our on-line community hub and representations to our Community Councillors the GDCC contacted Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, about the A835 Trunk Road in Garve.
Mr Matheson says
We are not aware of any change in the accident rate, mean speed, or the number of junctions and accesses in the area, or other material change since the review was undertaken that would lead us to revisit the findings of the Speed Limit Review.
We are also currently engaged with Network Rail on reviewing the risk to vehicles and trains due to the proximity of road and rail and expect to bring forward in the coming year a scheme to install some lengths of crash barrier between the two on the eastern approach to the village.
Please read the full response from Mr Matheson attached.


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Lynne Shearer said:

A speed limit review in 2012 won't have taken into account the increased volume of traffic due to NC500 and the associated risk to those of us locals who live right on it. Interesting that it takes accidents and potential fatalities to make a difference

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Edward Woodland said:

We need something done about the ridiculous number of bikes and the speeds they go at on the main stretch of road at inchbae. Horrific speeds, dangerous overtaking, and the dreadful noise.

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John Armstrong said:

"We are not aware of any change " ????  OH !

What about ALL the extra traffic on the NC 500 in the last 5 years 

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Flora Smith said:

I read with horror the idea of more crash barriesr going up on our side of the village the ones already there impede our sight of traffic coming out of the village. I dont think there is a proper understanding of our position. It is the speed of the vehicles coming in and out of the village that is causing the problem not Scotrail I only mentioned the level crossing as a reason why traffic should be travelling at less speed.  I think the only way that the authorities would understand is for them to have a site visit with us.

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Sue Tarr said:

I agree with all these comments. I would say if we as a community stand any chance of moving the speed limit signs (at both ends of the village) we need lots more of these comments from local residents and road users.

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Pamela Morrison said:

I agree with all these comments too and could readily  support them with anecdotes about our experiences  on the  A 832  aswell as on the A 835, which we also use. I am not looking forward to  the volume of traffic , in both senses  of the word, which is inevitably  going to return and probably increase  later this year. Have you seen all the advertising   encouraging  people to visit the peaceful beaches and  coastal retreats in the West Highlands? Yes to site visits, Flora . We need to physically show   our driveways, blocked views   and  dangerous  surroundings to  the executives.  That's  enough to be going on with ..... I may try to send  a rather shocking picture which you may judge  to be too horrible  to use but it is todays reality and not uncommon  right where  we  are often  walking ourselves.

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Pamela Morrison said:

The horrible photograph I was referring to was a photograph of a deer hind, badly damaged and dead. It was lying in the lay-by by the post box, which also serves as our bus stop. Over the years I have seen many similar sights. (When reported to The Environmental

Services these carcasses are removed efficiently). What horrified me was the feeling that this could have happened to any of us, as we often have to walk on the road in this location. If we must bow to the increase in  tourism, this road should be promoted as a scenic route and managed as if it runs through a National Park. I have seen the road described as "the fast road through Strathbran" in a widely available guide book to the North Coast 500. 

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