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Interested in community Ebikes?

Post in Community Energy by Tina Hartley
On the 15th July 2020, Louise Urquhart put forward an idea and we asked you to vote.

Did you vote?

You can still still vote on the idea put forward by Louise, voting will end on 31 August 2020: -
Vote Here

So far the idea has received 16 votes and quite a few comments.  

Community transport (of any kind) was highlighted in the Community Development Plan and initial work has already began.  Ewan attended the Garve & District Community Council meeting in August and ideas around a potential Ebike project and wider community transport project were received well.

The next steps for an Ebike and Cycle Paths Project will be to get a group of local residents to assist Ewan and Tina and look at how such a project could work - don't worry Ewan and Tina will do all the work!  We just need interested residents to volunteer their time to attend on-line meetings to get the ball rolling and importantly show engagement for potential funders.

We are currently looking at cycle paths, who owns the land, and available grants - so things are moving forward.

Hopefully, we will all be on our bikes very soon!

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John Fenwick said:

I'm ready to attend meetings to try and get this up and running. Hopefully a few others who voted for the idea will also get involved

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