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Mobile Bakery Service - Interested?

Post in Ideas by Tina Hartley
We have received an offer to provide a mobile bakery service to support Garve & District and the supplier has asked if the service would be of interest to our community.

The Kitchen Bakery

I run a small bakery in Culloden, Inverness and produce traditional baking such as Shortbread, Bread, Large Cakes and Small Cakes and usually sell my products at Farmers Markets and Events, but lately have been selling through our facebook page.

We a thinking about putting a small bakery van on the road to serve communities like yourself, much like the fish vans. The idea would be to park at various points so people can come and buy from the van and we would also stop at places on request. Customers can also buy direct from our website then collect from the van.

I would like to know if this is an idea that would be of interest in the community and any feedback or ideas that would make it work better.

Thank you

Keith Bell
The Kitchen Bakery

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Laura Lee McWhinney said:

It would be good for workers if there were a facility to pay ahead for an order online and have baking dropped off somewhere ( I’m out working 7.15am- 6.45pm)

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