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Wester Ross Draft Tourism Infra-Structure Plan

Post in Business and Tourism by Tina Hartley
The Highland Council is producing a Highland-wide Tourism Infrastructure Plan.

1st Draft November 2020

The Highland Council are seeking comments on the draft plan for Wester Ross which the Development Company are currently considering.  Given the community's concerns about - public toilets, waste, parking issues etc, now is your chance to read the attached document and have your say. 
Please comment below or email Tina Hartley using the Contact Button  Note comments have to be returned by the Development Company by 18 December 2020.

There are two specific questions which the Highland Council would like you to consider:

  • Has the draft plan captured the existing provision of publicly provided tourism infrastructure and identified the relevant gaps in provision in your area?
  • What, if any, other infrastructure or gaps in infrastructure might be included for your area?

Questions & Comments

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Rita Bishop said:

I have read the Highland Council plan. No-where in the plan is there any mentioned of people with a disability and the need, under legislation, to provide equality of access to the various places of outstanding beauty and interest. Most or none of the places of interest in the Wester Ross area can be accessed by wheelchairs or people who need to use walking aids, nor are there disabled toilets. I believe a challenge should be made here on legal grounds that under equality legislation the Plan should show how the legislation has been applied to the places of interest and where, with planning, access needs should be built into the plan. I feel that this plan is very poorly put together as this large chunk of work and consideration has been completely missed out. If this was a plan completed by a private company they would be expected to show equalities and access as par for the course. Come on Highland Council, do better than this!

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Lynne Shearer said:

I think one of the main issues we have locally is the poor quality roads and facilities for increasing tourism. I note that roadside laybys are not necessarily included in this plan but that laybys are often used for overnight or extended stays, possibly due to a lack of dedicated provision. Taking the layby outside of Garve, this layby has a poor quality road surface; the junction in and out of the layby is largely broken up, the area has been increasingly used as a public toilet albeit Network Rail have recently refenced this area which means that is quite a bit more open to view! I don't think we should be ruling out laybys from the plan. 

The car park road surface at Silverbridge is also in need of repair and I think is a safety hazard if exiting the car park and turning right due to the speed of the traffic travelling on the main road. The road to the car park at Little Garve is also in need of maintenance. We also need to consider waste bins - I appreciate this requires the council to empty them.

We've already had comments on whether there could be public toilet provision at the train station and I think this is a good idea and wonder whether this could also be considered for an electric car charging point.

The other main thing I would mention, and it's due to the sheer volume of NC500 traffic in the main, is the speed of traffic travelling in and out of Garve. I would be strongly suggesting that a consideration is given to reducing the speed limits of traffic to 40mph to beyond the Little Garve junction and the Gorstan junction. 

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Pamela Morrison said:

Will we be able to see the comments submitted  in response to Highland Council's  Infrastructure  questions and request for residents ' comments. Hope you managed to meet their deadline, Tina. Not so easy sometimes.

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