With deepest sympathy

in Community Residents by Tina Hartley
TG&DDC have been asked to share the very sad news that Donny Hogg, a long standing member of our community, recently passed away.

Donny Hogg

We are so sad to hear about the death of Donny, who recently passed away at home.  There will be a funeral service held at Inverness Crematorium on Thursday, 4 July 2019, at 9.00 am followed by a reception at Strathbran from 11.00 am.
Thank you to Louise Seligman for sharing this sad news, Louise said:-
He lived at Strathbran all his life and worked for us for 58 years!  Very much the end of an era!
I am sure the community join us in offering our sincere condolences to Donny's family and friends.

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