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Community Survey

in Community Assets by Alan Jones Associates
We are looking to engage the community through a short survey. This survey outlines the key options for the current or new hall and looks to understand the community's preferences.

Community Survey - We Need You

In the 2016 community survey, the top three community needs were to develop a Community Development Company (delivered), to improve broadband (underway), and to develop a new community hub.

In subsequent consultation, there have been many suggestions/ideas documented around what facilities a new ‘community hub’ could offer, alongside more recent strong support for extensions and alterations to Garve Public Hall to provide this service.

As a key priority, now documented within the Community Development Plan, we have been commissioned on behalf of The Garve & District Development Company to carry out an Options Appraisal, Feasibility Study and Business Plan.

Part of this is to investigate the options for either extending the existing Garve Public Hall or considering a new build option elsewhere within the Garve and District boundary, taking into consideration that a village hall is available at Achnasheen and Lochluichart Vestry is used as a community venue.

Moving this forward, we have worked with the The Garve  & District Development Company to produce a survey for completion by the community. This survey seeks the community’s views on which of these options is preferred and, in an effort, to ensure full consultation takes place the survey has been posted to all residents in the area. This can be completed and returned using the enclosed stamped addressed envelop, returned to either Achnasheen Hall, Lochluichart Vestry or Garve Post Office, or completed online using the link below.

Community Survey - we need your views!

As always, your input is greatly appreciated and will play a key role in supporting the positive development of our local area.

Questions & Comments

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Steve Jones said:

Some quetsions on the hall options please. 

Option 1: Renovaion and expansion of existing hall:  The comments say that it falls short in some ways of what is stated in the community development plan. How does it fall short - apart from expanding the car parking?

Are there other ways of increasing car parking capacity for the existiig hall eg use of some of the hotel  parking? new car park in the 'horse' field next to the hall to the east? new car parking in the field further east of the hall at the end of the road?

Option 2: How realistic is it to obtain land for a new build in the location you have suggested or elsewhere? Is this a realistic practical option or just a theoretical possibility?

I assume that the costs quoted are for the hall building alone. You mention that significant other works are required. Do you have a rough estimate of these additional costs?         

Thank you.  

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Lucy Beattie said:

Hi Steve

I have been working with Alan Jones as part of the working group for this project which also includes board members from the Garve and District Development Company and the Trustees of the Garve Pubic Hall.

Option 1: Alan Jones and his team have made extensive enquiries to see if there would be further options to increase car parking on the site with a number of stakeholders including the ones you have mentioned and as it stands there are currently no options to increase car parking close to the site.  However, the survey and the public meetings will give community members the opportunity to make relevant suggestions and proposals that go beyond the scope of desktop and face to face enquiries made by the consultants.  The final findings will be outlined within the written feasibility report which will be published in November.

Option 2: Is a theoretical option.  Land could be made available on land holdings that are currently owned by what was formerly known as the Forestry Commission and now known as Forestry and Land Scotland.  This could be an opportunity for a new facility or indeed for other options which will be highlighted within the final feasibility report which could include forest for recreational or commercial use.  Interim findings from the consultants indicate that other sites may not be feasible due to structural and situational barriers.

Guidance and information surrounding the community asset transfer scheme can be accessed below:


Additional costs for development could include site services, access, professional fees depending upon size of structure or location.

If you have further questions please let me know and I can put them to the working group and consultants for more detailed feedback, there will also be a consultation event at Achnasheen Hall on Wednesday 25th September at 5.30pm.  I hope this helps.

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